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A beautiful story of true love, in and out. I met Zach and Malerie many years ago at one of the first weddings I ever filmed. They have now been a part of two weddings that I’ve been honored to capture, so for their wedding I got to do something unique as a result. I found some old footage of them from the past weddings and incorporated them into the intro of their story in their own wedding video. I feel it is a special element, just for them, as they have been a part of many other friend’s weddings, and now this is theirs. Their story is beautiful, and the love for one another is very evident. I honestly feel incredibly blessed to have been given the honor to capture Zach and Malerie’s wedding day, well spent with beautiful friends and family. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did in creating it.


In November of 2018, this stunning couple were married in the beautiful town of Pensacola, Fl. This was my first wedding to film in that area, and I can say, it did not disappoint! The history of the quaint town added to the uniqueness of this celebration. The love that Holly and Gregg have for one another is undeniable and obvious as you watch this highlight of the day. Thank you for the honor of capturing these two incredible people. I pray and hope this reminds you both of the decision you both made that lovely day, and helps you walk through any tough times that may come. Enjoy reliving such a wonderful day!


There is just too much to say about this beautiful couple, as you can see with how long the highlight video is…whoops. Sorry, not sorry. I just couldn’t cut it down anymore! Thor and Bekah’s love for each other is so radiant. They are beautiful inside and out and are a wonderful representation of Christ’s love for us. I could not be more thankful and honored to have the chance to tell the story of these two, to remind them of the reason they chose to spend their lives together and all the people that support them. Bekah and Thor, you both have such wonderful examples in your life to look up to and incredible friends and family to guide you along the way. You are both a great example of living life to the fullest and living it well. I am so excited for everyone to see this video and get to experience such a perfect and beautiful day. Enjoy!

Windsor Wedding

Such two incredible and kind hearted people. Watching this you can see the love these two have for one another. What a joy and honor it was to be a part of Aerielle and Glenn’s big day. I am grateful these two asked me to capture a day that is so much more than a white dress and dressing up. A day of celebrating the commitment these two made to one other. They promised to stand by each other through whatever God has before them. I am thankful to have met Aerielle and Glenn, even just for a short time. Their love for the Lord is so radiant and clear with how they love those around them. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed created it and sharing this special day.

Hastings Wedding

Back in July I filmed Jenny and Tyler’s wedding. What a beautiful heart these two have for all the people who surround them. It was great getting to film their special day and I am now happy to share it with all of you. They are beautiful people with a very beautiful wedding! Enjoy!

Laffitte Wedding

I have got to say that the day could not have been any more beautiful! Travis and Brittany were an absolute joy to be around. They were goofy, fun, and the love they have for one another radiated off of them. I am so grateful to have been a part of their day! I hope you enjoy the highlights of their special day! Congratulations Travis and Brittany Laffitte!

Vucovich wedding

This is a wedding I filmed back in July of two beautiful friends of mine. They have such incredible hearts and love for those around them. It was such a blessing to film this important day where they make the promise to stick together through thick and thin. To show all the people who support this decision of commitment. I hope you all enjoy it!

Brenton Wedding

Back in May, I got to film Dustin and Rachel’s wedding. What an incredible adventure it was getting to this wedding and one I will not forget! They are incredible people and I am so thankful to have gotten the chance to meet them.

Riddle Wedding

Over Spring Break, I had the great honor in filming Nathan and Laura’s wedding. It was set at a country barn a beautiful sunny day!

2 thoughts on “Wedding

  1. Ashleigh Teufel says:

    Hello my name is Ashleigh Teufel and my fiancé is Daryl Wever. We will be getting married Friday, April 29th 2016 in the downtown Pensacola area. I am wondering if y’all are free and your prices?

    • Alanah Gardner says:

      Hey! I am not positive if I am free that date yet, I will ask my work if I am needed at all, but as for pricing, it is just me. I would film from you getting ready all the way till you and Daryl leave for the night. You would get about a 12-15 minute highlight video then the raw footage of your video. I charge $1,500 flat for all of it, with 300 of that being a non refundable down payment that reserves your date. I will let you know soon if I am free that date. Just email me at if you have anymore questions. You can check out my other wedding at Have a very blessed rest of your day!

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