The beginnings of Australia

I went to Australia back in September 2016. An adventure I will never forget!

Yolanda in Slow Motion

The church I work for got a new camera so I went out to play with it and this was the result.


This is a film I shot and edited with Adobe Premiere CC. My friend Sarah filmed most of the GoPro shots. It is a collaboration of footage I filmed of my second time in snow.

Niamh’s Story

This is a film that was for my friend Niamh who had entered a Dr. Pepper Tuition competition. I edited with Adobe Premiere CC using clips I had filmed of Niamh over the past year. The audio and interview were filmed to tell the story of how the tuition money could help her.

Alanah’s Story

This film was for the Dr. Pepper tuition competition in which I entered also. I edited with Adobe Premiere CC using clips that I had shot over the years to show that I would use the tuition money to get my degree in filming and how I would use it in the world. I also recorded the audio.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This was filmed as a fun project as we poured ice on ourselves for ALS awareness. This was filmed by Sarah and I. I edited the shots together with Adobe Premiere CC to create the fun video.


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