Pleased to meet you Yellow

On campus we have this tree that has these beautiful yellow leaves that fall this time of year. My friends and I took a moment to go embrace this beauty. It was so much fun to be with them. This year has been hard for all of us and there has been a great deal of growing and learning and heartbreak, but out of it, the friendship stuck through. These pictures remind me to be thankful everyday for their hearts and loving spirit. They have been such a great blessing to know and learn from. They have taught me a great deal and I know will continue to as our friendship continues.

The Creatures of our World

Gotta love the Zoo!! My friends and I decided to travel north to visit the Cincinnati Zoo for a day! What a day! We got to see so many different types of animals and just take a moment of getting away from all the stress of school. It was a day to take a moment and be thankful for the people God has put in our lives and enjoy the creatures He had molded.

Night Test

Taking pictures at night is something I am highly impressed with. This past year I have been testing it in different places and these are some of the better ones that came out. Next is to test star trailing.

and school begins…

My senior year at Asbury has begun! I can’t believe it’s finally here! I will soon have a major in Media Communications with an emphasis in Multimedia. Real life, I’m coming for you. I have left my hometown of Niceville, Florida where I sail and longboard, headed North to landlocked state of Kentucky. The best part of living in Kentucky is there are actually mountains, hills, and elevation! That is just unheard of in Florida. The largest hill we have are ant hills…Red River Gorge, I’m on my way. When starting off a year, everyone has their goals. My goal this year is to take the time management lesson I learned this summer and take it with me in all my classes. I am taking 6 classes of 17 credit hours, so that will definitely come in handy.

My knowledge in technology is somewhere between “I’m not stupid” and “I’m not an expert”. I’ve been learning about film since I was a junior in high. Yes that is a long time, but I am a slow learner, there is much more for me to learn and I’m not sure I’ll ever know everything. I did create an app last year where I learned  a lot about coding. In high school I was on our Robotics team where I learned coding, mechanics and construction. I do know an extensive amount on technology, it would take a while to explain everything I do know, but again that is not to say I know everything, far from it really.

One of the classes I am taking this semester is Interactive Media II. I took it because I wanted to learn more about the different Adobe products like Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Honestly, every semester that I’ve been at Asbury, I’ve learned so much. Things I never even expected to learn. This year I’m excited to grow and learn what God has planned to teach me whether it be a hard or easy lesson.

Senior year…Let’s Go!

Counselor Round 2

I miss them. I MISS them. I MISS THEM!!! My wonderful kiddos have left the kountryside. This group of girls were such a blast! They were spunky, silly, crazy, up for anything!! This was a term of crazy memories like flash mobs, pranks, sweet conversations, learning how to be a friend, and most importantly there were kids coming to know Christ! These two weeks I will forever cherish in my heart. On top of all that, I got to know two sweet, amazing women of God, who taught me so much of what it looks like to shine God’s light. Annielaurie and Corinne were always there to listen and speak truth into my life. I am just so grateful to have met them! Along with the rest of the kountryside staff who continued to encourage our girls and love on them so much! And that they continued to encourage me everyday ad I am forever grateful! And for my next adventure, I will be the filmmaker!! Here goes 🙂


What an experience!! The kamp I work for takes their kamp on the road in which I was so blessed to be a part of. We traveled all the way to College Station, TX…a 14 hour drive! Well after 14 hours of intention conversations and falling asleep on shoulders, you really get to know the group of people you are traveling with 🙂 Kampout! is basically an intensely hype VBS. My co-counselor Zoë and I had four kids, seeing as the ratio was two to one, we got to know them very well. They were so much fun with a week full of jumping around, laughter, filming, and moments of wonder. We also had this spunky, fun loving junior counselor who actually took most of these pictures 🙂 She was learning how to use my camera so I let her go an take picutres. Chloë is very talented and it was so much to watch her have a passion for photography. Being someone who loves photos, I love getting to teach people and watch them grow.  Zoë, Annalisa, and I got the amazing blessing of having a wonderful host family who loved on us, taught us so much, and were even up for taking silly sunset jumping pictures, which in my book makes them incredible! 😀 Next on my summer agenda comes being a counselor for two more weeks!!!

Welcome to the Kountryside

Back to the Kountryside, also known  as the “Happiest Place on Earth”. For many summers I have worked at this place where laughter and smiles continue to fill it’s atmosphere. I have worked here as their filmmaker for the past two year, but I never realized what God was doing in those years. God was preparing my heart, mind and soul to be a counselor to twelve little girls where I got the chance to pour into their sweet hearts what my mentors have poured into me. What an incredible experience these past weeks have been. I’ve officially been here for a month which is mind boggling to me. God has taught me so much about parenting, leadership, discipline, and loving the people God has created. Here goes for eight more weeks!

Freshman Formal

It was a night of dancing, excitement, laughter, adventure and releasing beautiful lanterns. I felt like I was living real life Tangled! It was a dream, magical even. Watching the lanterns whisk away into the sky reminded me of the beauty this world has alongside the mystery. We continue to see the beauty God creates and how massive He is. Every day He reveals more beauty to me in little ways just as these lanterns.

Easter Break

What a weekend! My friend Sarah and I set off on an adventure to Virginia that would grow our friendship immensely! We were headed to see my best friend!! To begin the journey we had about a six hour drive just getting to know each other more and lots of sleeping…well on my end at least. Man those car rides get me every time. 😛 While I was sleeping, Sarah taps me on my shoulder and begins to say, “Am I getting pulled over!?” I tried to wake myself up more to become a bit more conscious, and turn around to see lights flashing! Oh my goodness, we were getting pulled over! This is the moment I began to freak. For some reason, I just to not do well around the PoPos. They make me so nervous even if I’m not doing anything wrong. So the worst part is neither of us knew how long he had been following us! My air conditioner was out so we had the windows rolled down causing us to have the music louder than normal. Now to add to that, we both were wearing our hats on backwards to keep our hair out of our faces! We looked like straight up THUGS! That began this upcoming moment to not be at a good start. Turns out the PoPo was awesome and really funny so he let us off easy because it was Sarah’s first time being pulled over! What a relief! 🙂 This was only the beginning…the rest of the trip involved hiking through the forest, spraining an ankle, finding an awesome swing, watching movies, staying up late talking, and so much more! Such a sweet weekend and a reminder of how blessed I am to have such amazing friends by my side!

Color Me Rad

Running and I have never really got along. This past weekend my friends convinced me to run a 5K called Color Me Rad. I had never run a 5K and didn’t think I ever would. Well was I wrong, but it was so worth it! You wear all white and run through all these color stations while getting splattered with color. The best part was it really wasn’t about your timing, but rather the community and experience with your friends. We all had so much fun running through the color and throwing it on everyone in the gathering when everyone had finished the race. My friends and I had a victory dance at the finish line by throwing color on one another. I can say it was the most colorful experience I have ever had!