Roomie Date

Today my roommate and I got to spend the morning on an adventure and catching up. This semester has been crazy with honesty policies and pain being revealed through not being honest to yourself. This was a day for us to just take a hike, talk things out, and just to heal the pain that was throughout our friendship all semester. To me, these pictures are more than just pretty places we found, but a reminder of the time my roommate and I mended our friendship. Pictures can be so much more than just a snapshot in time. They can help you remember those memories you forget and be reminders of the beauty and love God have given us.

Pleased to meet you Yellow

On campus we have this tree that has these beautiful yellow leaves that fall this time of year. My friends and I took a moment to go embrace this beauty. It was so much fun to be with them. This year has been hard for all of us and there has been a great deal of growing and learning and heartbreak, but out of it, the friendship stuck through. These pictures remind me to be thankful everyday for their hearts and loving spirit. They have been such a great blessing to know and learn from. They have taught me a great deal and I know will continue to as our friendship continues.