and school begins…

My senior year at Asbury has begun! I can’t believe it’s finally here! I will soon have a major in Media Communications with an emphasis in Multimedia. Real life, I’m coming for you. I have left my hometown of Niceville, Florida where I sail and longboard, headed North to landlocked state of Kentucky. The best part of living in Kentucky is there are actually mountains, hills, and elevation! That is just unheard of in Florida. The largest hill we have are ant hills…Red River Gorge, I’m on my way. When starting off a year, everyone has their goals. My goal this year is to take the time management lesson I learned this summer and take it with me in all my classes. I am taking 6 classes of 17 credit hours, so that will definitely come in handy.

My knowledge in technology is somewhere between “I’m not stupid” and “I’m not an expert”. I’ve been learning about film since I was a junior in high. Yes that is a long time, but I am a slow learner, there is much more for me to learn and I’m not sure I’ll ever know everything. I did create an app last year where I learned  a lot about coding. In high school I was on our Robotics team where I learned coding, mechanics and construction. I do know an extensive amount on technology, it would take a while to explain everything I do know, but again that is not to say I know everything, far from it really.

One of the classes I am taking this semester is Interactive Media II. I took it because I wanted to learn more about the different Adobe products like Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Honestly, every semester that I’ve been at Asbury, I’ve learned so much. Things I never even expected to learn. This year I’m excited to grow and learn what God has planned to teach me whether it be a hard or easy lesson.

Senior year…Let’s Go!

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