What an experience!! The kamp I work for takes their kamp on the road in which I was so blessed to be a part of. We traveled all the way to College Station, TX…a 14 hour drive! Well after 14 hours of intention conversations and falling asleep on shoulders, you really get to know the group of people you are traveling with 🙂 Kampout! is basically an intensely hype VBS. My co-counselor Zoë and I had four kids, seeing as the ratio was two to one, we got to know them very well. They were so much fun with a week full of jumping around, laughter, filming, and moments of wonder. We also had this spunky, fun loving junior counselor who actually took most of these pictures 🙂 She was learning how to use my camera so I let her go an take picutres. Chloë is very talented and it was so much to watch her have a passion for photography. Being someone who loves photos, I love getting to teach people and watch them grow.  Zoë, Annalisa, and I got the amazing blessing of having a wonderful host family who loved on us, taught us so much, and were even up for taking silly sunset jumping pictures, which in my book makes them incredible! 😀 Next on my summer agenda comes being a counselor for two more weeks!!!

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