Easter Break

What a weekend! My friend Sarah and I set off on an adventure to Virginia that would grow our friendship immensely! We were headed to see my best friend!! To begin the journey we had about a six hour drive just getting to know each other more and lots of sleeping…well on my end at least. Man those car rides get me every time. 😛 While I was sleeping, Sarah taps me on my shoulder and begins to say, “Am I getting pulled over!?” I tried to wake myself up more to become a bit more conscious, and turn around to see lights flashing! Oh my goodness, we were getting pulled over! This is the moment I began to freak. For some reason, I just to not do well around the PoPos. They make me so nervous even if I’m not doing anything wrong. So the worst part is neither of us knew how long he had been following us! My air conditioner was out so we had the windows rolled down causing us to have the music louder than normal. Now to add to that, we both were wearing our hats on backwards to keep our hair out of our faces! We looked like straight up THUGS! That began this upcoming moment to not be at a good start. Turns out the PoPo was awesome and really funny so he let us off easy because it was Sarah’s first time being pulled over! What a relief! 🙂 This was only the beginning…the rest of the trip involved hiking through the forest, spraining an ankle, finding an awesome swing, watching movies, staying up late talking, and so much more! Such a sweet weekend and a reminder of how blessed I am to have such amazing friends by my side!

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