Spring Break

What an amazing break I had with my friends! My home is in Florida, so my friends decided to come home with me for Spring Break. We began our journey from Asbury University to the beautiful panhandle of Florida with a car, money, and nothing else planned. This was normal for my friends and I. We would decide on a destination, and the rest we would figure out along the way. This way of traveling is why our trips were such an adventure. Our first stop was hiking through the Cumberland Trails. The trail we explored is called Pockett in Dayton, TN.  This is such a beautiful hike. If you ever drive through this area I would highly recommend it, especially during the spring and fall. After hiking our next journey was to a place called Mkay’s. This is a used book/movie/music store in Chattanooga, TN. We about lost ourselves in Mkay’s because it is so large and everything is cheap!! Once we got ourselves out of that store, we headed home to Florida! In Florida I got to show my friends my hometown and my favorite places to go! I got to show them around Seaside, Eden Gardens, Lincoln Park, and even take them swing dancing at my favorite swing place! There are moments we won’t forget like locking my keys in the car in the middle of Destin and sitting on the dock telling each other our life stories. It was another trip to add to my adventure collection.


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